Comprehensive Eye Examination

We see this beautiful world with our eyes. Literature reveals that 80% of our knowledge is gained through our vision. Good vision and healthy eyes are therefore extremely important in promoting faster learning, better work performance and high quality living. It’s important to have your eyes examined periodically by an eye care professional, even if you feel your vision is fine. According to the AOA, in general, these visits should occur:

For adults 18 - 60

At least once every two years, or as recommended

For those younger

at 6 months and 3 years of age, or as recommended

For those 6 - 18 or 61 and over

Annually, or as recommended

The standard procedure of a comprehensive eye examination includes the following steps :

A comprehensive eye examination in our clinic takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes. This period of time is needed to perform all the tests necessary to thoroughly examine health of the eyes, visual efficiency, and detect vision problems. Following the examination, the optometrist will explain the results in detail and discuss our recommendations thoroughly. If deemed necessary, may refer to appropriate professionals for further assessment. An annual check enables a close monitor of your ocular health. Care for your eyes – ACT NOW!