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Cataract is a very common eye disease. It is a condition associated with the process that turns the transparent crystalline lens within our eyes to become opaque. Although cataract is more common among elderly, there is a tendency to find cataract in younger people in recent years.

Cataract affects the sight of the sufferers. Some of them may feel glare or photophobia as well as blur of vision. If not treated or managed properly, cataract may lead to more serious complications such as glaucoma and intraocular inflammation.

Treatment of cataract

First of all, we need to identify the underlying cause of cataract in each particular case. In some cases, cataract is caused by excessive exposure of UV radiation or by diabetes. Controlling the progression of cataract with respect to its underlying cause is always the first intervention. For example: wearing UV protective glasses.

Cataract of some categories may induce change of refractive power as it progresses. In this situation, updating the prescription can be a good palliative treatment to restore the vision of the sufferer. However, if acceptable vision cannot be attained by the above measures, surgical operation can be considered as a last resort.

Therefore, if you have a suspicion or knowledge that you may have cataract, please contact our optometrist for a comprehensive eye examination.

The content in this article is for reference only, it does not provide any professional diagnosis or treatment advice.